Death to Celebrities!!!

Am I alone here?  Am I the only one who takes a good look at society and is disgusted? Why is it that every time I turn on the talking box, some scantily clad semi-famous size 4 is modeling herself for the camera?  Who cares about these celebs? And WHY do you care? They are no different from an average person, just add teams of beauty experts, plastic surgeons, money (or their parents money in most cases) and well, that’s it.  They don’t help society in any way, little girls just want to be like them.  Showing as much skin as possible and leaking a sex tape is not hard.  Any one can do that.  So why are they paid so much attention? Why aren’t we worried about the economic and educational disasters going on right in front of our faces?  Why isn’t that a topic of discussion and the Kardashians are?  What are their talents? Do they have any? Do they know what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck, or work a 9-5 on their feet all day? We see them out shopping, spending more money on a ridiculous piece of cloth that will be worn once and then sit in an already over-stuffed closet.  The sad thing here is that the $5,000 piece of cloth could be college tuition for a talented inner-city kid who’s hopes and dreams rest on the idea of getting out of his neighborhood before it’s too late.  Or think of how many people you could feed with that money.  Maybe it could provide a life-saving surgery to an impoverished child.  Who do these celebrities think they are?  Why do they deserve media attention and $5,000 anythings? They haven’t done anything to better society or help their fellow man.  They aren’t even talented.  They do not perform any task that an average person can’t.  All I see is them helping themselves to whatever they want; it’s completely their perogative to do so.  But we, as people of America, need to care about the real issues that threaten are well being and survival of our children in the future versus what celebs are doing on a Saturday night.  I can act, I can get sloppy at a night club (in fact I often do) and get a DUI or get arrested, and I can also model for pictures.  I assume making a sex tape isn’t very difficult (if Paris Hilton can manage it, it should be a cakewalk for me)…. …. So does that mean that I deserve to be famous, too? Should millions of people aspire to be like me, and buy my magazines and try to meet me, the average girl from south Florida?


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I have no answers...just lessons learned from mistakes
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