Local Restaurants That are Actually Fantastic

There is a restaurant near my home in Tamarac, Fl that from the outside looks like an ordinary, run-of-the-mill upscale Perkins-type place. It’s called Cheddars. Due to a lack of decent restaurants on this side of town, my significant other and I decided to try it out one particularly rainy Sunday. We were greeted at the door by a hostess who held the doors open for us and we saw that there were quite a few people in the waiting area. Once our name was put in and with a buzzy, flashy-thing in hand we headed to the bar. The bar itself is of decent size, very nice and immaculately clean.  There are plenty of t.v. screens for sports lovers (which we are) and the staff is more than happy to channel surf for the game you are in search of, as well as taking into account where they are seating you for optimum viewing satisfaction.  Drinks have always been very good, made well with a noticeable amount of alcohol (which is more than most places nowadays) and prompt service. We only had about a five to seven minute wait (I’m not sure due to the fact that I was enjoying my Sapphire Gin Martini and started to relax) before they seated us. The interior is decorated minimally and modern-esce. In the main dining room a giant paddle fan spins horizontally across the ceiling.  Very cozy and lit perfectly. There is also an outdoor seating area just off the bar that has its own waterfall and features live entertainment on the weekends.

The staff was prompt, very courteous, and more than willing to discuss the menu. The first time we went I had an asian salad which was very good but the second time I got the Monte Cristo sandwich which was PHENOMENAL! My fiancée got baked potato soup and a double-decker club sandwich. Both of which is the best he has had. The food is always piping hot and very fresh and no matter what we try, everything is delicious. It’s someplace you would think of having thanksgiving dinner. It is that sort of food and atmosphere at Cheddars. I found out that it as an independent chain. They do not advertise, everything is word of mouth. I am in love with this place and (being a restaurant I wouldn’t normally just walk into) I am so glad we happened to give it a try. Oh, and the best part is we always leave their under $35.00 with both of us ordering alcoholic drinks. I’m telling you! You can’t beat this place. It’s perfect for that lazy Sunday afternoon or night out with the girls/guys on a Thursday night.


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One Response to Local Restaurants That are Actually Fantastic

  1. Jane says:

    Loving your stuff….makes me want to try that restaurant, even though I’m no sports fan!! Keep writing!

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