Some People Get It, Some Don’t

There are two kinds of mind-sets that inhabit those that dwell on the earth: time-wasters and time-users. Those that autonomously ignore the incessant, permanent passing of time, and those that are conscious of it. The first type of person sits and waits for things to happen to them; victims of life as it were. The former plunges through life making a fate of their own, leaving as little as possible to chance and using each moment wisely. Time-wasters are never in a hurry or feel a need to rush. Their comfort and emotions are normally their main concern. Time-users are always in a hurry, eager to complete their task and begin anew, concerned with how much time is passing relative to how much is being produced. Why can’t everyone be time users? Imagine what we could all accomplish in just one day if we managed our time a bit differently. #1 time-waster: television TURN IT OFF just for a day. It’s not that hard.  Or is it? If it is, ask yourself why you have come to rely on a talking advertising box to occupy the minutes of your time that you will never get back. At least make them productive minutes where you will see some benefit for yourself in the future, whether that future is in ten minutes or ten hours or ten years. Be productive, not just take up space.


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I have no answers...just lessons learned from mistakes
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