Over Delete

I tread the pulley’s invisible chains
Which link all humanity together;
For I am not bound as others are.
I balance as a free climber atop cliffs of rusted souls,
Dissipating chain-link to chain-link;
Absorbing an erotic touch, a frigid stare,
A scalding anger, and on again to the next.
Such a vicarious leper of emotions am I;
So invisible to the plagued.
All is siphoned through me,like some twisted medium
Of technology implanted in a being, yet I retain nothing.
All-s forgotten instantly:                                                                                                                     like a -harp click on a tired -last- delete button.                                                                               -man-… take back.  Take…-way.

*Like a sharp click on a tired plastic delete button,

Permanent take back. Take away.



About RyanC

I have no answers...just lessons learned from mistakes
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