Healthy Relations

I am obsessed with the helping verbs.

I am having a tortured, sadistic relationship with them.

I over use these words in my poetry and novels;

Do they oppress me, too?

Being, been, shall, have…

Am, is, was, were; I exist.

Am is was – I exist

I am here – I exist

I is – I exist

To be – I exist

I do not want to be –  I exist anyway


About RyanC

I have no answers...just lessons learned from mistakes
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4 Responses to Healthy Relations

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  2. mjsoul91 says:

    I like your poem…the last line “I exist anyway” I feel is very profound and leaves the reader with a sort of BANG! Reminds me of an idea/topic I would write about. NIce job!~

  3. Jo Bryant says:

    Different. Different is good. It takes you somewhere you have not been. 🙂 Clever.

  4. poets rally says:

    cool …

    keep sharing..

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