Ode to a Crutch

They shield my eyes from the

blistering scorch of the sun’s sinful rays;

an invisible barrier in front of my weary encircled eyes,

I use their darkness to hide

from the exposing bright lights.

They are a comforting veil to conceal my soul,

except at night when their function becomes obsolete.

I drag them through my daily life;

what I would do without them, I cringe at the thought.

If without, even for a day,

I would feel unprotected like my cloak of hiding,

my cellophane shield, were missing.

My naked shame would be bared for all to see.

I guard them closely, not because they are expensive,

or bare the evidence of a designer’s hour spent in creation;

their material value is nothing to me.

For the protection they offer,

is priceless.


About RyanC

I have no answers...just lessons learned from mistakes
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2 Responses to Ode to a Crutch

  1. Kay Salady says:

    Ode to a pair of shades! I love it. 🙂

  2. A.B. Thomas says:

    Fantastic though now I feel obligated to listen to Timbuk 3’s “future’s so bright”!

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