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On You

Weather the storm; storms. Gait them. About face and straddle; mount them. Decimate it; let the universe mourn. Advertisements

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Freedom Flights at Night

Dragonflies; They have an intricate dance. Am I supposed to follow, To mirror the truth in their rhythms? My skin weeps…sometimes. At other moments… my insides wish to evacuate… Can I fly with you?

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High Horse

Strawberried scars Maraviroc hegemony Utopian discharge I am splintered; starting to fragment. What’s with all the blue lately…? Sensual mutilation; mutualization? Euphoric etcher.

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On Matters of the Heart…

Your face silences me; much like when a man who suffers, sees Death manifest from hair-thin air and smiles in spite of himself, from entombing relief.

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Objective (revision)

Why do I etch, drag, and stain across the page with such constant fervor? Intrinsic values… I’m slavering to craft something beautiful; A catechism, reminiscent of tranquility, out of the haggard, denatured shards Of life you left vivisected for me.

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On Dating…

Etch my coconut, Brand my beach, Trope my jungle; I tire of the bananas here.

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I jackknifed your already crooked stance… Resurfaced your tight-roped gray matter… Swale of hell? I can’t distinguish. I masticate Eros and Ice Then vomit empty. My right is uninhabitable, My left requires a plumb line… Perhaps an Ancile, too.

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